Awe Yeah! (2008​-​2014)

by Hugo & Treats

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Collected tracks from 2008-2014 newly remastered and available for high definition download.


released April 3, 2015

Mixed & Mastered by Frank Pearce at Studio Squid


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Hugo & Treats Melbourne, Australia

Hugo and Treats create unforgettable live experiences that are way beyond what you might expect from an MC and DJ team. Visionary spoken word and creative crowd choreography mixed with earthshakingly intricate beats and bass combine in a show which is inspiring minds, shaking butts and opening hearts around the world. ... more

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Track Name: 09 Hugo & Treats - Fiat Lux

In the beginning was the simplest word

Sent spinning with verbs

Littered absurd

and heard 

Spilling with visions of orbiting worlds



Comets all swerving
Perpetual eliptical curves 

Conical geometric collective concern


From word GO

The planetary curved road confirmed flow

(shock of intertia)

Mock chaotic dispersal

Gravity's friction emerges

Solar systems and curls grow

Fixed in a black curtain

One in a trillion planets throw random urges

Life's flag unfurling.

Bacteria spilling, amoebian split and the poisonous gas slurping

Bubbling in seas, oxygen popping on the void of a cracked surface

Life's born in the primordial furnace 

A lightning storm immerses

Selective search,
Intelligent designed versions fly from divine perches


Swimming with fins

Lay eggs

Photosynthesise at will





Spineless virus

or snail

Grow lungs from gills

Filter fibres of krill

Prehensile tail

Opposable thumbs, five claws, eyeballs lined forward:
The hunter with a hunger to kill.

This is how it begins.

Wild call, crawl, walk, talk, light fire for warmth 
and the higher thoughts
cause expansion of heads 
therefore when the time arrives to be born

Infants can't stand on legs, demand to be fed

Crying from the night to the dawn

Garments on flesh

Grab femur bone, instinct to defend what's rightfully yours
Split head of my enemy

Leaving his body to rot


oesophagus dropping, jaw and tongue hopping forming the speech to express DREAMS

young we feed from the breast, 

Among the cunning and strong is a constant test

Adjust and thus we must gather together gather the berries and seeds born in the EARTH

Men get swarthier, become warriors

Females evolve curvier first

We hunt further as nature's worthiest herbs gracefully nurture and slake our thirst

Beckoning dead reckoning, head trickling, cerebral hemispheres disconnect listening, navigating in the mist again, hearing the breath of invisible inner strength whistling.
By fire one night as light drops,
 an elder sidles up, coughs, 
the tribe stops

Then he hands out handfuls of red toadstools covered in white spots
... we imbibe parts and eyes start to fly past sky's limits in circles:

Bringing visions of visions in murmurs
the vividest images stirring

This is how it begins.

Pupils wide and flailing jaws, the males all face the cave wall

sitting gazing at the shadows dance as the flames fall, 
Inspired, grab black rock from the fire

taking all the tales and stories from the day before and making drawings:

Bison in full flight and falling 
and frightened but excited men with spears 

A gigantic mammoth being panicked and herded towards the cliff edge in fear

and as the toadstool goes through the images so true seem to be alive and clear

The firelight animating the numbest of lines and playing shows in the zone behind the huntsman's eyes

seeing them suddenly writhe is such a surprise for his primitive mind the feeling divine

The first picture

The first line

The first word

The first art

The firsthand wisdom

passed on through a bursting heart or written in words planted in verse cast scripture

The same spark that inspired life to make a start like an elixir

was flicked in the kindling enabling the flame's charge to bring light to the cave's dark

playing the part of the Trickster

And it's the same spark that made our ancestors paint large murals

The Same Spark when you decide to ride with the divinely designed mind and make art that's beautiful

from your first finger painting to the eulogy at your funeral,

We're all on the same path immutable

and a bountiful, fruitful part of our brain can't forget the flames dance in deity's creativity crucible.